Rats and mice can damage your building, supplies and reputation.

Call a mice exterminator today

Rodents breed rapidly, destroy materials and transmit disease, making them particularly dangerous to the following businesses:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses
  • Health care institutions


You don't want your guests seeing mice. An exterminator from Bugzout Pest and Termite Control can eliminate them once and for all. If you're concerned about rodents infesting your commercial property, call a rodent control expert today.


How to prevent future rodent infestations

After the exterminator leaves, you can take the following proactive steps to prevent further problems:

Install door sweeps to keep pests from scurrying into your facility.

Inspect drains daily and remove any food particles.

Empty trash and recycling bins regularly.

Use self-closing bins with tight-fitting lids to discourage scavenging.

Inspect your roof for possible entry points, such as loose skylights and deteriorated gutters.

Install industrial-grade fans to manage moisture and humidity.

Learn more about rodent control methods you can use by calling 203-507-2511.